Our Story:

Founded in Hong Kong in November 2016, Pen & Paper House strives to revive the practice of connecting with people in a more meaningful way, through handwritten notes rather than text messages.  Our beautifully crafted stationery pieces inspire you to put down your devices and put pen to paper.

Having had an adventurous life in Africa, Europe, India, the Middle East, and now Asia, my love for letter writing started very young, as it was my way of staying connected despite all my travels.  My memories are imprinted with the vibrancy and colour of all the cultures I have experienced. As a Mum of three girls, they have brought out the creative side of me.  I take a lot of my design inspiration from my little girls and their sprawling imaginations, my background in fashion, and my love of art.

We have always been passionate about the handwritten note and the etiquette of gifting well.  For all of life’s special moments, premium quality stationery adds an element of sincerity and thoughtfulness to your words.  No matter what the occasion, nothing quite says it like a handwritten note!

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